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Dr. Ravindra G. Sapkal, Chairman, Kalyani Charitable Trust, Mumbai, had a splendid vision of providing education.

Dr. Ravindra G. Sapkal

Welcome to R. G. Sapkal Institute of Pharmacy of SAPKAL KNOWLEDGE HUB. The college is consistently striving hard to achieve highest quality in every sphere of activity in order to shape your future as Pharmacist.

Our focus is to achieve this commitment to you by bringing in the philosophy that industry and education must co-exist while knowledge and experience will continuously and dynamically keep the students performing at the peak level, present and in the future. The institute has adopted the best features of the education to equip you with attributes to succeed in fiercely competitive business world with grace and without compromising with universal values. With the commitment and focus as enunciated here, our objective is to offer you a world-class program, designed to help each student realize full potential at an affordable cost. We find it obligatory to take care of you in all aspects of life from now on leading to a lifetime relationship. Our teaching is focused on Pharma business world and its need through our personalized and interactive teaching methods. I am sure my committed faculty and staff will strive hard to transcend you all into prospective young Pharmacists with globally compatible skills and knowledge. I am pleased to note the progress that we are making in the direction of making this college one of the best in India. I once again invite you to join hands with us in this life long partnership in relentless pursuit to world-class excellence.

Mrs. Kalyani Sapkal
[Vice Chairperson]

Sapkal Knowledge Hub is all about pursuing academic excellence, value based education and providing a conducive environment for overall personality development of students.

R.G. Sapkal Institute Of Pharmacy is an important part of our educational pursuit. The college has come a long way since its inception in 2015. Within this short span of time, it has emerged as one of the leading Pharmacy Colleges in Maharashtra. RGSIOP is making every effort to nurture young Pharmacy with global mindset embedded in Indian roots.

Dr. D. G. Phadtare
[Principal, RGSIOP]

I welcome you to grab the opportunity to nurture and shape your career in the ever green, noble Profession of Pharmacy, at Kalyani Charitable Trust’s R. G. Sapkal Institute of Pharmacy (D.Pharm)“An institution is a lengthened shadow of one man”


27 Jan 22
Marathi Bhasha Sanvardhan Pandhravda


25 Feb 22
Women Empowerment Programme


09 Mar 22
Carreer Katta Session


11 Jan 20
Pharma Model Making Competition.


10 Jan 20
International Conference To SMBT.


6 Jan 20
National Pharmacy Week.


6 Jan 20
Faculty Development Programme.


28 Nov 19
Hospital Visit


8 Nov 19
Conference To SMBT


8 Nov 19
Industrial Visit.


25 Sept 19
State Level Paper Presentation Competion


25 Sept 19
Health Checkup & Eyecheckup Camp


19 Sept 19
One Day Workshop on Paper Bag Making


09 Sept 19
Ledership Development Programme


06 Sept 19
Quality Improvement Programme For Staff


05 Sept 19
Teachers Day


03 Sept 19
Fair of Recession Unemployment & Job Oppurtunities In Media & Entertainment


21 Aug 19
Orientation Of First Year


15 Aug 19
Independance Day


8 Aug 19
MSBTE Sponsered “Capacity Development Programme”


28 Feb 19
MSBTE Sanctioned One Day State Level Workshop On Technological Advances In Tablet Processing

Students Testimonial

The infrastructure of college is good. Gives the positive vibes. The classrooms are spacious, ventilated properly. Different labs are present for different course subject. I'm currently pursuing bachelor degree in pharmacy. The quality of teaching is excellent, the faculty member is skillful. Glad to be the part of this Institute...

Abhijeet Hon

The main thing of college is discipline and teaching ethics which is very great. It also includes views on infrastructure like college, canteen, labs (separate for each core subject ), laboratory facilities and sports facilities. The quality of teaching is excellent, the faculty members are skillfull. I'm feeling blessed to be a part of this Institute....

Hariom Malpani

I am blessed to get my College life with such a pleasing, calming nature and very well developed infrastructure of the college. The faculty team is 'The Best' in all aspect, they have very good method of teaching.

Nishika Elenje

My experience at RGSIOP is been going greatfull , the faculty members of this college is very helpful, In this college discipline is the first priority , I am glad to be a part of this institution

Vishal Soni

My experience at RG Sapkal Institute Of Pharmacy has been unforgettable from the start! The hands-on nature of the faculty makes learning very easy and helpful. It's a friendly atmosphere on college campus and everyone has welcomed us with open arms. I have felt like home at RGSIOP from the start and I am happy I made the decision to come.

Aakash Singh

Words cannot describe how appreciative I am of the generous alumni whose donations have allowed me to further my education and accomplish my career goals. Our alumni contributions allow for the College to provide invaluable resources to myself and my fellow students, which have only added quality to our education and experiences here.

Ramchandani Devyani Pharmacist, Adharsh Medical, Nashik

Words such as thankful, appreciative, or grateful do not even come close to the feelings I have towards those who have generously donated to pharmacy scholarships. Not only have the pharmacy scholarships helped me to afford the incredible pharmacy education here at RGSIOP, but they have also enabled me to take advantage of the opportunities available to me. Thank you for your generosity and support!

Nikam Truptesh Keplar Pharma

I am extremely grateful for Seeing our generous and passionate alumni make contributions year after year has motivated myself to get involved in something I am passionate about and give back. This year I have been fortunate to be the Rho Chi tutoring chair where I arranged exam review sessions for first and second year professional students.

Shinde Vikarm Subhash Medical

I distinctly remember faculty referring to the ‘Purdue Pharmacy Family’ during my orientation program. I quickly realized how vital this Family is to past, current, and future students’ success.

Save Riddhi Pharmacist_BMC, Mumbai

As I progress through Purdue, I develop a greater appreciation for all the support that students receive. On a daily basis.I am truly grateful to those who have contributed to offsetting my financial costs and hope to return the favor to future generations.

Udawant Sanket Shiv Sanket Jewlers

I am thankful for being in such an excellent college with best education pattern. I have being experiencing the best time here, along with practical studies. Teachers help us with there utmost fulfilling knowledge. Even the college students are very well disciplined. Glad to be here.

Laiba Sheikh

Our Recruiters

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