Pharmaceutics, a discipline of Pharmacy is the science of designing the dosage form. It deals with all facets of the process of turning a new/old chemical entity (NCE) into a safe and effective medication used by patients in the community. It is the study of relationships between drug formulation, delivery, disposition and clinical response with emphasis on development of robust manufacturing process. This course will impart basic knowledge in the area of pharmaceutics. Various dosage forms and unit operations involved in pharmaceutical industries. This course is designed to impart a fundamental knowledge on the preparatory pharmacy with arts and science of preparing the different conventional dosage forms. Prescription and its components and posology are also covered in this course. This course lays foundation to the students to understand more difficult concepts of pharmaceutics in the advanced Physical Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics course. The students will get knowledge as well as hands on training with respect to the principles of formulation science such as kinetics, micrometrics, diffusion and dissolution, complexation, colloids, rheology etc. The students will be well versed with biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetics aspects which help to design a dosage form of patients need. Department of Pharmaceutics work under the guidance of Mr. K. S. Surwade, having experience of seven years in academics. The Dept. is well established, with highly qualified trained and experienced teaching faculty having background of academics and industry exposure.





The Pharmaceutics department is well established, well equipped, spaced laboratories having following facilities:

Sr. No.
1. Lab Area Lab 1: 79.17 Sq. Mt
Lab 2: 85.04 Sq. Mt
2. Lab Attender Mrs. S. S. Patil

Equipment Details:

Sr. No.
Minimum Requirement
Available No
1. Tincture Press 2 1 Yes
2. Tablet disintegration test apparatus 2 2 Yes
3. Granulating sieve set - 10 Yes
4. Digital Balance 5 1 Yes
5. Ball mill 1 1 Yes
6. Collapsible tube filling machine - 1 Yes
7. Dissolution test apparatus 2 1 Yes
8. Friability tester 2 1 Yes
9. Capsule filling machine 1 1 Yes
10. Autoclave 2 1 Yes
11. Hot air oven 5 1 Yes
12. Laminar air flow bench 1 1 Yes
13. Clarity test apparatus 1 1 Yes
14. Digital pH meter 5 1 Yes
15. Vacuum pump 3 1 Yes
16. Hardness tester 5 1 Yes
17. Vial sealing machine 1 1 Yes
18. Extractive distillator 1 1 Yes
19. Ultrasonicator 4 1 Yes
20. Tray dryer 1 1 Yes
21. Tablet coating pan 1 1 Yes
22. Ampoule washing machine 1 1 Yes
23. Ampoule filling and sealing machine 1 1 Yes
24. Ampoule clarity test apparatus 1 1 Yes
25. Aseptic cabinet 1 1 Yes
26. Moisture balance 1 1 Yes
27. Lab centrifuge 1 1 Yes
28. Lab centrifuge 2 1 Yes
29. Refrigerator 1 1 Yes

Career choices in Pharmaceutics:

Graduates can play a key role in a variety of functions across the Pharmaceutical industry, Community Pharmacy and as Consultant Pharmacists
• Formulations and Development [R & D / F & D]
• Pharmaceutical Production
• Quality Assurance
• Marketing
• Product Development
• Community Pharmacy
• Academics
• Regulatory affairs
• Entrepreneur

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